Claims Advice: Do's and Dont's in the claim process

Do notify all claims without exception.

Nearly all insurers have a notification clause within their policy booklet. This means that if you do not report a loss within the designated time scale stated you may find the insurer refuses to deal with your loss or a third party loss (the person making a claim against you). To prevent possible serious consequences, report any potential claim immediately - claims can be withdrawn at a later date without penalty.

What not to do

Do not dispose of any damaged property or proceed with non emergency repairs or replacement until insurers have given the go ahead to do so or unless absolutely necessary to mitigate further losses.

Proceeding with repairs will prejudice insurers' position should they wish to appoint an adjuster to investigate the claim further and in doing so may lead to a claim being rejected. Do not write to or speak to the third party or their solicitor or representative about the claim. Do not supply them with information or give them access to any accident site without first consulting with your insurers or ourselves.

Legal Aspects

By law, insurers have three months to investigate the circumstances of a personal injury claim and provide a decision on liability. Whilst the rules governing non-personal injury claims are not as strict, it is important that in either case insurers and adjusters have your help in this process.