Commercial Claims

Whether your claim is liability, property or is financially related, most insurers will wish you to complete a claim form or instruct a loss adjustor to assess the extent of the loss. To enable us to evaluate the most appropriate course of action, please contact us.

All insurers have notification clauses within their policy, to prevent claims being rejected for breaching policy conditions, please report each and every loss immediately. This will not bind you to making a claim, merely does not prejudice an insurers position should they wish to investigate it.

Loss Adjusters

Some claims need detailed inspection so, as well as asking you to fill in the appropriate claim form, insurers may use the services of a specialist loss adjuster, where appropriate. The loss adjuster will contact you to arrange a visit to assess your claim and report to insurers, which insurers will pay for.

In terms of liability claims, the report will help insurers to decide whether they will settle or defend the claim. If Insurers decide to defend the claim, they will do so on your behalf. If, on the other hand, they decide that the claim should be settled, they will explain why. Insurers will refer to relevant case law and statutes before they reach a decision.

For property claims, the loss adjuster can inspect the damage and assist with obtaining repair or replacement estimates where appropriate.