Directors and Officers Insurance

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Directors and Officers Liability insurance protects directors and officers (as well as senior managerial staff) against claims arising from their actions and decisions in their official capacities. This includes damages awarded in civil courts and the potentially substantial cost of defence costs if they face criminal or regulatory charges.

As businesses become more regulated (e.g. corporate governance, EU Directives, Health and Safety, etc...) the scope for suing individual directors in addition to the company increases. In the case of individuals, the consequences can be severe as breaches of statutory regulations can lead to heavy fines and in some extreme situations, imprisonment. In many cases directors accept a career-damaging ban simply because they can not afford the defence costs involved.

Any director, officer or senior manager of a public or private company, whatever the size, should buy this cover as claims can arise from a variety of sources, including shareholders, customers, employees, etc... Also directors and officers are particularly vulnerable when going through mergers or acquisitions or if they have USA exposures. Individuals could also be at risk in other business roles such as: -